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Дело было вечером...

...и мне хотелось развеяться... чёрта_с_два!

Да что вы говорите?!??!....

You came from the sky. Your a daydreamer and prefer
to have a good look on situations.

Where did you come from?
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Вот шалунишка, угадал! ;-)
Гм. Мне нравится crimson...


??Which colour of Death is yours??
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Oh, well! Let's hope it's true...


?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ??
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Из ЭТОГО теста мне понравился лишь данный кусочек...

...You could get a job as an author, teacher, editor,
architect, buisness owner, or administrator.
Good luck in life, and don't forget that no one
is ever alone.

What type of teenager are you?
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Про лубоф к...

Blue info
Your Heart is Blue

What Color is Your Heart?
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Морфей. Забавно...


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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Ага, ещё один

You are a dark girl. You have a really quiet and
really a 'i dont' care' attitude. You like to be
alone and that is what you enjoy. You don't
like to be around others and you'd rather be
away from here. You have a 'get away from me'
look and others find you bitchy and
self-rigious. You'd rather read than be at a
fair but that's ok because that's who you are.

Who are you inside????? (LOTS OF RESULTS)girls only
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Мда... Думала, скажут Full swing depression...

You're like me ^.^ You feel alone sometimes, but
you will survive. Just remember that you got
a lot of friends that will help you get trough
when you got problems.Think more positive ^_~
If you don't have friends, you have to be
carefull, depression isn't far away...

~~Are you a bit Depressed? Are you Happy?~~*With Anime pics*
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Опять-таки, здоровенные картинки. Кому охота узреть - рефрешьтесь и ждите... когда-нить загрузятся! ;-)

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