July 21st, 2004

весна. крокусы

История про Crysler

...Now the funny story I meant to tell u. You should have seen how I arrived to work last Monday!!

Remember, my "taxi" was a posh silverish Crysler (I only recognised it cos it looked like yours - inside too). Here, in KM we have two entrances: one is the gate with a barrier leading to the firm's court (open air - people leave their cars there), the other leads from the court directly into the building. Both have securities checking the pass cards in everyone who arrives - even if the person is coming every day. Very strict, u see. So, I was absolutely sure the first security wouldn't let my Crysler in and I would have to drag my luggage 100 metres to the building. And there were even no signs on the Crysler that it's a TAXI. OK, as we were coming to the entrance we saw the barrier was up and the driver made use of it and slipped in. The security was there, but didn't stop us or said a thing.

Then imagine this: a huge shining in the sun Crysler rushes to the KM second entrance, makes an abrupt turn and stops. People smoking there - their jaws drop simultaneously. Now the front door opens and I get out, and with big dignity step to the second entrance, the taxi-driver carrying my luggage behind me :-)) (he's a good guy, we chatted all the way from Sheremetevo)...

The second security asked, of course, what the luggage meant - I said I had just arrived from the airport - been out for a weekend. But he didn't listen already, he was watching - his mouth open - my great "taxi" turning out to leave!...
When upstairs I told the whole story to colleagues - their version was that the FIRST security at the barrier thought the KM owner had changed his car, that's why we wasn't stopped!... :-)))