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Ну очень лениво переводить! Я, вообще, под настроение пишу - то по-русски, то по-английски, а то по-русски с английскими вкраплениями...

Ну не Дуся ли?

This little creature lives with his (or her ?) mum in a cellar near Rosie O'Gradys porch. All of Practica have taken a job of watching them - everyone coming to work every day first tells the others fresh news about the cats! They are not really orphans though. Someone puts a plate full of Kitekat for them every day. And the Rosie's visitors feed them too. Don't know about the cat, but the kitten doesn't go to anyone - a wild thing. I've been waiting for them for a few days (carrying the cam with me every day & putting it in my pocket near Rosie) to take a pic of the couple. But they didn't appear as I passed by. And, of course, it was when I had forgotten to replace the cam to my pocket, that they were both sitting there! As I stopped & reached for the cam (in the bag), the older one came to sniff my boots leaving her offspring all alone in the street...
OK - the enjoy live nature! :-))
And I shall continue to watch'em & will snap the COUPLE some time...

PS: а, между тем, парочки что-то не видно с понедельника. И чашек их нету... Либо кто-то их усыновил, либо кое-что похуже... :-S
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